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Galveston Wedding at the Tremont Hotel | Gloria and Mike, Part 2

Enjoy these images from the small photography session we did with Gloria and Mike on the beach in between the ceremony and the reception. I definitely recommend doing what Gloria and Mike did by allowing extra time for photography of just the two of them because it not only gave me a chance to do something beautiful for them but it also gave them a little bit of time to relax and enjoy being together on such a hectic day. I would like to thank Monique for her help on Gloria and Mike’s wedding day. It’s always great working with someone I can really count on to make my clients’s day even better. Tomorrow we’ll finish off with the rest of the wedding day.

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Galveston Wedding at the Tremont Hotel | Gloria and Mike, Part 1

This wedding was many months in the making and despite some setbacks, the day finally arrived and it was just lovely. If you remember from Gloria and Mike’s engagement session they are super sweet to each other and I could tell that she couldn’t wait to finally see him when she walked up the aisle.

Check back tomorrow for the gorgeous mini photo session we did on the beach!

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Houston Maternity Session | Chad and Kim

The months before a baby arrives are some of the most precious days because there’s so much anticipation waiting for the little one. It’s a great idea to schedule a session so that you can remember this special time in your life. I met up with Chad and Kim for their maternity session the day before Thanksgiving and really enjoyed their laid-back nature. I can’t wait to meet their little guy for his newborn session!

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Cypress Family Photography | Jones Family

I’m so glad we finally made this session come together! I thoroghly enjoyed photographing this lovely family and their two girls are just sweet as pie. And cute, too! And well behaved! And cooperative! Ok, I’ll stop but I could keep going on. It was a race against time as we watched the sun finally come out but then go just as quickly but I’m so happy with the results of our patience. I can’t wait to work with you guys again!

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