A Pinterest project – jewelry holder!

Even if you haven’t already set up your account, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. It swept the virtual world and can be held responsible for an overabundance of craftiness and cuteness.

But I’d like to ask you a question: have you yet made that recipe for an amazing cookie, or crafted the vintage wall arrangement, or braided your hair in some beautiful new way? I’m guilty of pinning, and pinning, and pinning, and pinning……and pinning……………and pinning……ok, you get the idea.

I felt that it was time to actually make something that I had been wanting to make that was also pinned to one of my board. For a while now my jewelry has been a source of frustration because it’s chaos and disorganized so I knew the only solution was to create a board – Pinterest to the rescue!!

Soon, I was finding new and crafty ways to organize my jewelry, and I almost found too many options. But it was time to put the plan into action.

So this is the idea I started with but I modified my jewelry holder based on what I found (the size of the corkboard, pins, etc.)


I had to use two boards and this is what mine now looks like.

Jewelry boards created by karelle Photography

The final product, two jewelry boards

This is what I was using before and these stands work well for just a few items but I soon outgrew them.

Karelle Photography miscellaneous

These were the three stands I used for my necklaces. It's impossible to find what I'm looking for


Karelle Photography jewelry holders

All bracelets and headbands go in a round holder and some disappear at the bottom.


I started at Loews and found the pins that I would use.

Jewelry holder, made by Karelle Photography

I started by going to Loews to pick up some pins


Secretly I’ve always wanted a reason to use paint samples for a project so I decided to pick a few colors to better organize my boards.

Supplies for the jewelry holder by Karelle photography

I like to keep things organized so I picked up some paint samples while at Loews so that I could label the different color categories for the necklaces. Too organized? I know.

At Wal-Mart I purchased the corkboards and the fabric that slightly resembles burlap. Using a stapler I covered the boards on the front side and stapled them on the back.

A corkboard used for a jewelry holder by Karelle Photography

The corkboard was bought at Wal-Mart as well as the fabric that resembles burlap which was used to cover the board. I used a stapler to attached it to the back.

Success! The first board holds the red, yellow, green, blue/turquoise, pink, and purple necklaces.

A jewelry board created by Karelle Photography

The first board for necklaces in red, yellow, green, blue/turquoise, pink and purple

The second board holds the black, charcoal, pearl, silver, gold, and brown necklaces.

A jewelry board holder created by Karelle Photography

The second board for necklaces in black, charcoal, pearl, silver, gold, and brown

The former jewelry holders now hold the bracelets!

Jewelry holders for bracelets

The former necklace holders are now for the bracelets

A few things I would have done differently:

I would have liked to have found larger metal pins so that I could more easily hung the large bead necklaces. And I may have used a larger board or an extra board.

The next project? Figuring out what to do about the earrings!!

If you’re on Pinterest, here’s my page: http://pinterest.com/diannamontoya/

By the way, all the pictures were taken with my iPhone!

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