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Mills family session

It was time to photograph the new baby sister and the big sister that has graced my blog before. Big sis is growing up and is active! It’s always a (fun?) challenge to try to get the older siblings to sit and maybe hold the younger sibling. Sometimes the parents win, sometimes the child wins. […]

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Alan & Bonny Knappenberger - Very warm and touching, great photo display, super idea that will help catch warm family memories for years to come! Alan K.

Feith Family session

It was great to see Marissa and David after not seeing them since almost college and now I got to meet their twin boys! They have their hands full but these boys are so sweet.

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Ann - Wonderful photos. Wonderful family.

Melissa - Beautiful!!!

Dad - the photos capture all their personalities. What an awesome family!

Stephen - Great pics guys.

Aunt Kathy - Yes, they are a beautiful family. Great pictures, makes me miss them back here in Indy!

Deb Parks - These are awesome! I especially love the family shots — running around and playing in the park. Much more fun to remember than just sitting in a studio.

Kara Parks - Cutest kids on earth! I might be a little biased, being their aunt and all, but they’re so photogenic! The pictures turned out great!

Dan - Looks like you had fun great shots.

Janet Feith - Wow! The camera certainly captures the love we see in all of you for each other. This is one proud mom and grandma. We cherish all of you and what these photos have captured.

Katie - Love them all! Soooooo good! If I have to choose my favorites are: the close up of the four of you (3rd from top) and the one of the boys running. What a beautiful family! 🙂

Alan & Bonny Knappenberger - Very warm and touching, great photo display, super idea that will help catch warm family memories for years to come! Alan K.
(11.20.09 @ 10:26 AM)

Jennifer - These are awesome! I love the last family one with you guys laying on the grass. Also like the boys hugging – but you can’t see B’s face! So, my favorite of just the boys is the one with them sitting back to back. Miss you!! Photographer was awesome! It’s hard to control 2 21/2 yr. old boys enough to get good pics of them!

Leanne Marshall - Marissa,
These are absolutely precious! I love the photos! They are so candid and look like they were a lot of fun to photograph! I love the sweet brotherly embrace!

Ken - These photos captured what I already knew. I have such a great family. A good lookin’ mom and dad and the cutest/handsomest twin grandsons in the world.
I love the one of the boys hugging. The family group ones are so good!

Jennie - Aunt Jennie here (David’s sister)…great pics of some of my favorite people!

2009 Christmas Sessions

Check out the website for more information on 2009 Christmas sessions:

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Jody Schaap - We love the pictures and thank you so much for sending the one–we are using it on our Save-the-Dates and we’re both really happy with the way it turned out. Thank you so much–we had a great time and are really looking forward to the wedding.
PS We have Sinjin and Sassafras, not Gracie. I think when we said “Sassy”, you heard Gracie; however, Gracie comes from the root “grace” which is sadly not a characteristic that she possesses. She is full of love, but not grace.

Baby Seminiano’s Newborn Session

I loved working with this family!! Normally I wouldn’t think that 6-hour newborn session could be that fun for that long, but it totally was. To top it off, I discovered that I may actually like BBQ Chicken pizza. Who’d a thunk it? I can’t wait to watch little Baby Seminiano grow up!  

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