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Houston Senior Photography | Martina

Martina’s Senior Session
Spring, Texas
High school seniors are so much fun to photograph because they’re always involved in so many things and they’re on the cusp of a new life! After meeting Martina and talking a little about her life and her interests I knew how I wanted to photograph her in her prom dress and I knew that I really wanted to include her swimming into the session. But since I didn’t want a typical photograph of her just sitting by the pool we went a little further to make it more artistic. And a big thank you to her friend for all her help and for letting us use her pool!

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The Woodlands Senior Photography | Chelsea R.

So much time, thought and planning went into Chelsea’s senior session and I was looking forward to it so much! When I met her and her mom back in the summer I knew she was a sweet and adorable young lady and I’d only been told that she was a talented singer and songwriter and then I got to hear her sing and now I KNOW that she is a talented singer and songwriter. What I really loved about this session is the effort that was made to make this session unique to really show who Chelsea is. Chelsea, mom, and dad – I loved working with you guys!! It’s truly been an enjoyable experience and such a blessing to me. Thank you so much!!

A note to future seniors: put some effort into planning for your senior session so that you can have unique and memorable senior photographs. If you don’t want to look like everyone else figure out how you can stand out.

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