A Day in the Life: Stephanie – Houston Photojournalism Photographer

Each artist has a skill that they know they want to continue to work on and this year I decided to attend an intense 5-day workshop called the Foundation Workshop to work on my photojournalistic skills. After a tough week I was determined to continue working on these skills and I asked some people I know if I could follow them for two days in order to challenge myself. Stephanie said “yes” immediately and then may have started second guessing her answer once she found that I would have my camera in her face for two full days. 😉 One of the things I learned from the workshop is that it’s a huge challenge for me as the photographer to constantly be watching someone throughout an entire day and thinking of composition and lighting and such. It’s mentally tiring! But I was more excited to hang out with Steph and really see what she does during her day.
Stephanie is a trainer and she leads my bootcamp group (a shameless plug: if you want to join us for a tough workout on Saturday mornings, Stephanie is the one to talk to!) and I met up with her at the coffee shop near the gym. She spent some time planning out a few workouts for her clients and giggling nervously each time she heard the camera click. Soon enough we walked into the gym to meet her first client. I was fascinated by the range of clients that she works with both inside and outside a gym. We even went to a client’s house and I watched them do a workout on the small jumping trampolines that is specialized for the client’s joints issues.
In addition to having a great opportunity to photograph an interesting story, I got to spend time with a friend while she drove around and worked with several clients. And I got to see how she connects so personally with them beyond just knowing what kind of exercises they need to do. It was a really great day.


houston photojournalism photographer stephanie 01
Planning out workouts
houston photojournalism photographer stephanie 02
Counting reps
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 03
Counting reps
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 04
Showing a client how to do the exercise
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 05
Talking while working out
houston photojournalism photographer stephanie 06
Taking measurements
houston photojournalism photographer stephanie 07
The fun part about working out at home
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 08
She really wants to be part of the fun.
houston photojournalism photographer stephanie 09
Keeping time while doing crunches
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 10
Getting ready for her own peronal workout, running at the park
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 11
Keeping an eye on her clients as they do a partner exercise involving bands

houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 13
Training some of her senior clients
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 14
Working out can be tough!
houston photojournalistic photographer stephanie 15
houston photojournalism photographer stephanie 16

Preparing at home for her exercise classes and learning a new routine

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