Houston Second Baptist Church Wedding | Jill and James, Part 1

It’s a great honor when a friend asks me to photograph their very special wedding day because I get to part of their day in a very unique way! So of course I was excited to be asked by Jill to shoot her wedding. They had their ceremony at Second Baptist Church of Houston with the reception following. A few unique tidbits about their day: they had family that flew very far to be there with them, and Jill’s bouquet was made with flower brooches instead of real flowers. It was a beautiful arrangement

I can’t wait to show the amazingly beautiful portraits we did at Galveston on the beach following the wedding, to come tomorrow! And a big thanks to Monique Montoya for her help at the ceremony and reception.

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 01

Jill and James pray together before the wedding ceremony but without seeing each other

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 02

They stood on different sides of the door without peeking

houston wedding photographer Joseph 03

A few last tears before walking down the aisle

houston wedding photographer Joseph 04

James sees his bride walking down the aisle

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 05

Jill’s father gives her away

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 06

The ceremony

houston wedding photographer Joseph 07

Just married!

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 08

Toasts were given by friends and family

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 09

Time for wedding cake!

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 10

The reception

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 32

Church details

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 33

The bride’s dress and shoes

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 34

Jill’s awesome flower brooch bouquet

the woodlands wedding photographer Joseph 35

Wedding cake and guest favors

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Houston Family Photographer | Young Family

I met up with the Young family in Houston to shoot them both in an urban setting as well as in a field. One thing I learned about this little lady is that the loves, no, not loves….she is obsessed with dogs. At the very sight of a four-legged friend she would go running after him.

As a children’s photographer I know that each age presents its own set of milestones as well as challenges. At 2 years old she is able to walk on her own and engage with both parents and the photographer. Also at age 2 she likes to be independent and run on her own. It’s harder to keep their attention for a long amount of time. So it’s crucial to have her engage in activities that will keep her attention as well as interact with mommy and daddy.

houston family photographer Young 01

Mommy and daughter

houston kids photographer Young 02

She spotted a dog

houston kids photographer Young 03

With mommy and daddy

houston family photographer Young 04

The family

houston kids photographer Young 05

I love those pigtails!

houston kids photographer Young 06

Such a big girl

houston family photographer Young 07

Walking with mommy and daddy

houston kids photographer Young 08

Beautiful eyes

houston kids photographer Young 09

Being silly with daddy

houston kids photographer Young 10

High jump!

houston kids photographer Young 11

The family

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Houston engagement session photography | Aubin and Jeremy

Thanks to everyone that made it out for the Valentines mini-sessions at the studio! It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and catching up on how your kiddos are doing. The March sessions will be announced soon!

Aubin and Jeremy braved a very warm day in Houston in order to have their engagement session done. We walked around a small area in The Heights and enjoyed the evening light. They brought several clothing options so that we could put together 3 great outfits. The engagement session was scheduled in anticipation of their engagement party. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

houston wedding photography phillips 1
houston wedding photography phillips 2
houston wedding photography phillips 3
houston engagement session photography phillips 4
houston wedding photography phillips 5
houston wedding photography phillips 6
houston engagement session photography phillips 7

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Family Photographer in Houston | Kelley Family 2012

It’s that time of the year again (or rather, it WAS that time of year again), the time of year when the Kelley family has their Christmas photo session done. It’s pretty wonderful getting to not only watch the kids grow, but also see them grow together as siblings that care about each other. Asking the kids to run is always a sucess so there’s a lot of chasing around. And I was so happy when they started playing hide-and-seek – just some fun pictures!

houston family photography Kelley 1

Mom’s favorite walking shot

family photographer in Houston 2

Brother and sister

houston family photography Kelley 3

Mom and her babies

houston family photography Kelley 4

A beautiful family

family photographer in Houston 5

Daddy and his kiddos

houston family photography Kelley 6

A fun family shot

houston family photography Kelley 7

The kiddos are always active

houston family photography Kelley 8

Hide and seek

houston family photography Kelley 9

Another family shot

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Childrens Photographer in The Woodlands | Anna, 2 years old

It’s been a little while since I’ve had the opportunity to post photos from a session but there’s plenty to come: weddings, newborns, engagement sessions, studio sessions, etc. The blog posts are still backed up just a bit, about 6 months but I’m on a mission to catch up!

I met her as a newborn, then photographed her as a 1 year old. And now she’s 2 years old! She’s a quick and active little one so we worked hard to get the shots in the studio. I love her cute little pierced earrings with her gold studs! It reminds me of me…..my ears were also piereced at a young age.

We left the studio to wrap up with a few outdoor shots with mom. I love watching them together!


childrens photographer in the woodlands 01
the woodlands childrens photography 02
the woodlands childrens photography 03
the woodlands childrens photography 04
the woodlands childrens photography 05
childrens photographer in the woodlands 06
the woodlands childrens photography 07
the woodlands childrens photography 08
the woodlands childrens photography 09

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