Tiki’s headshots

I met up with Tiki in the Woodlands to shoot some headshots for her as she is starting up her own travel business. How exciting is that?? It’s great to hear about how other people are stepping out on their own to start their own thing. After a very warm session, we ended our afternoon by stepping into Berripop for a very delicious and not-hot treat.


Susan - Dianna …….. as always great lighting, I’m sure Tiki is pleased. Great variety of shots for her to use. Good luck to her !!!!!

Donna - I love these images! The first one is amazingly powerful!

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A Week in Houston

Since this is a new blog, I’m trying out different things to see what I can do. And it seems that yes, I’m able to show videos.
This video was put together from many, many pictures that were taken during the week that my “cousin” Daniel was in town. We did the typical tourist things but I didn’t want to take the typical tourist pictures. It gets more exciting about a 1 minute or so into the video.

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New Blog!!!

I’m so excited to finally have this new blog up and running. My old blog was my dear friend for two years and I’ll miss it dearly, but I was needing a change.

As usual, check back often and don’t forget to leave me comments in the comment box! Comments are like chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies. The more there are, the better!!!

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ScotWharton - NICE! I like the new blog and website!

Julian - Congratulation!!!!!s, your new web page and the blog are amazing, I liked the music and your job everyday is better than never… Regards

Ana Good - Congrats on the new blog!

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