Amy and Ben’s engagement session

I met up with Amy and Ben on a beautiful day up in Conroe. With a list of ideas and a large sampling of wardrobe options, we set off to do as much as we could before the sun went down. As self-proclaimed country bumpkins, we rode all over in a truck and shot at several spots including some great hay bales. And if you’re wondering what that odd contraption is that they’re standing in front of, it’s a hairick. Yep, that’s how you pronounce it. Trust me, I’m an expert now. 😉static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F4ae1470101428%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=1&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=970&show_height=580&background_color=transparent&thumbnail_border_thickness=5&thumbnail_border_color=%23FFFFFF&thumbnail_highlight_color=%23993300&thumbnail_alignment=right&thumbnail_width=100&thumbnail_height=100

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carolyn jones - LOVE LOVE huge Puffy Heart LOVE this session.
I always wondered what that thing was called, now tell us what does it do?

jcogliandro - love the new blog… miss the big pictures. 🙁

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