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Houston Dog Photography | Karelle’s Kanines

It’s time!! This idea has been stewing for QUITE SOME TIME! And I’m happy to finally announce the beginning of Karelle’s Kanines. So, what is it? Well, it’s pretty much what the name says: “k”anines photographed by Karelle Photography. In a nutshell. All the other questions (where, when, why) remain the same as other sessions […]

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Marcella Pringle - I have a foster dog soon to be registered with Friends for Life for adoption if I can get a few pictures that they need to promote her. She’s a special needs’ girl and is a Boxer/pittie mix which is hard to place for adoption. If I could get a few really cute pictures of her, it would really help to find her a wonderful home. Would you be willing to donate a few pictures of Vivian so that she can get adopted? Sincerely, Marcella Pringle

Houston Dog Photography | Wesley – Karelle’s Kanines

Karelle’s Kanines Photography – Wesley
Houston, Texas
Wesley and I become great pals since I was the hand that fed him for about two weeks….so I guess he kind of had to befriend me. But nevertheless, I’m sure BFFs now….right? This sweet guy loves to sleep, bark, and take long walks in the park. He’s also so cute when he turns head as you talk, as if he understands what you’re saying; our conversations got kind of deep.

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Sweet Ally

I had the opportunity to spend some time with this sweet dog while her mama was away and she became my friend very quickly. How could you turn down a sweet face like this? Ally enjoys peanut butter, shaking your hand, catching treats in her mouth and long walks in the park.

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Amy - This makes me want to get a puppy!!! 🙂 Love your work, girl!

courteney miller - these are absoltuely adorable! what a sweet doggy!


High energy. Spunky. Spoiled. Loveable. These are the words that cross my mind when I think of Rustie the dog. I mean, Rustie the little girl (she’s not a dog!) I spent my Valentine’s Day with Rustie and her family to get a few shots of her as she chased her ball and lounged around […]

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San Antonio – doggies!

Meet Pegaso and Negrita! Image those piercing blue eyes staring back at you…and the hugeness of the golden retriever….but they’re both really sweet dogs and very much loved by their owners.

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Abel Longoria - Youre gonna make me want to buy a dog JUST to photograph them! lol. nice work my friend. =)